LOVE in London

James Rhodes - LOVE in London

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I’ve always been a big fan of doing classical slightly differently. It’s been five years since I started out on this mental, terrifying, utterly brilliant career path and this is, I hope, kind of a snapshot of the journey so far. So here I am in a theatre playing a kind of classical set list based around Love. Because, well, everything creative is about love isn’t it?

Rather than go into more detail here I’ll just let you watch the show where I explain why, when, where and how these pieces were written and what they mean to me before I play them.

This is as close to being at one of my concerts as is possible without actually turning up. I hope you like it.

“From the outset, it is evident that Rhodes is a thoughtful and attentive pianist.”

Richard Whitehouse, International Piano

Barcelona Book Signing Event (1st March, 18:30, at Casa del Libro (Rambla Catalunya 37) – Barcelona)

Gran notícia. Per fi tindrem al nostre estimat James Rhodes a Barcelona presentant el seu recent llibre FUGAS. Hi haurà una petita xerrada (aviat confirmarem acompanyant), uns quants torns de preguntes del públic, i firma de llibres per a tothom que vulgui.

Thu 8 Feb 2018