Bullets & Lullabies

This one almost killed me. Some stupidly difficult virtuoso pieces with the counterpoint of more mellow lullabies alongside them. This album was more like a DJ setlist than a mixed recital and the temptation is always to record a bunch ‘advert friendly’ short famous pieces. I wanted to make sure I included some rarer little gems I’d found (Moszkowski, Blumenfeld, Grieg/Ginzburg) alongside Clair de Lune and Ravel’s Pavane. This one made me grumpy and stressed (YOU try recording Alkan when you weigh 125lbs and smoke too much), but I”m dead proud of the result.

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“From the outset, it is evident that Rhodes is a thoughtful and attentive pianist.”

Richard Whitehouse, International Piano

Barcelona Book Signing Event (1st March, 18:30, at Casa del Libro (Rambla Catalunya 37) – Barcelona)

Gran notícia. Per fi tindrem al nostre estimat James Rhodes a Barcelona presentant el seu recent llibre FUGAS. Hi haurà una petita xerrada (aviat confirmarem acompanyant), uns quants torns de preguntes del públic, i firma de llibres per a tothom que vulgui.

Thu 8 Feb 2018